Alcoholic Products Policy

By placing orders on our website, the buyer agrees in accordance with our terms & conditions to have read, accept and be unconditionally bound to the following alcohol products policy, included in the approved terms & conditions:


A) By purchasing a gift basket containing alcoholic items, you confirm that the recipient is of legal drinking age to accept these alcoholic products, in line with the alcohol consumer laws of your recipient country.

B) At, we provide various gift baskets containing consumables & drinks, such as wine gift sets, gourmet gift sets, beer gift sets, gin gift sets, chocolate gift sets, coffee gift sets and more. However there are countries worldwide either restricting import of these gifts or taxing heavy import fees. For these countries, does not provide shipping or delivery. This remark is clearly stated on the various navigational pages, as well as on the product detail pages to ensure our shoppers are aware of the restrictions. If you did however order a gift for one of these countries, you agree in accordance with our terms & conditions that this gift set will be substituted for another suitable gift basket.

2) For which countries are alcoholic products not available?

A) Alcoholic products are NOT available for: Norway, most Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, Israel, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Africa, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Mauritania, Maldives, Libya, Iran, Kuwait, India, Brunei, Puerto Rico (USA), Bangladesh…

B) Alcoholic products are only available in combination with other gift products for: United States, Canada (by placing your order, the buyer confirms the recipient is of legal drinking age).

C) Limited Alcoholic products and alcoholic beverages quantity are available for: Switzerland, Caribbean . Alcoholic products in your gift are likely to be substituted.

Any alcoholic products for these countries will be substituted in line with the product description.

3) What if I still want to send an alcoholic gift product to these countries, can you help me?

We will try to find the best solution for you. Please contact our team or mail and we will help you within 24 hours!

4) Which alcoholic gift product will be included in my gift baskets?

As shown in the terms & conditions you agree to when placing your order, gift baskets are filled with products based on local availability and does not commit to any type, quality, vintage or brand of alcoholic product as these factors depend on the delivery country. Underneath you may find an indication as to the alcoholic products that may be included:

To all Europe, USA/Canada, all Australia, all Russia

  • Or: 1 or 2 premium bottles of red, white, rosĂ© or mulled wine.
  • Or: a bottle of sparkling wine such as cava or prosecco

To South America

  • 1 bottle of red wine or bubbles, often with fresh flowers and/or chocolates

To Asia only: Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam

  • 1 bottle of red or sparkling wine in gift box set.

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