“NoGlutino” – Gluten Free Gourmet Christmas Basket

$ 105.99

For those who follow a gluten-free diet, but do not give up on traditions, least of all the Christmas panettone: Giampaoli’s with chocolate chips is a specialty.¬†As well as the linguine from Pastificio Morelli and the organic Genoese pesto.

1-Panettone with gluten-free and lactose-free chocolate chips Giampaoli 400 g
1-Packet of gluten-free and no added sugar wafers Lazzaroni 175 g
1-Packet of classic Premium BaciR PeruginaR chocolates 125 gr
1-Packet of organic and gluten-free pasta fusilli with corn and Alce Nero rice 250 g
1-Pack of organic and gluten-free corn linguine pasta Antico Pastificio Morelli 250 gr
1-Jar of organic and gluten-free Ligurian pesto Artigiana Genovese 130 g
1-Pack of whole wheat flour Molino Filippini 300 g
1-Preparation for desserts with organic buckwheat and gluten-free Molino Filippini 500 g
1-Pre-cooked Cotechino in box Gusto Antico 250 g

Available for delivery in: Europe


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