“Royale” – Deluxe Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket

$ 185.99

“Royale” – Deluxe Gourmet Christmas Gift Basket, our deluxe gourmet gift, because your loved ones deserve the best! A top gift, full of traditional specialties and fresh products such as the slice of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, the cotechino Modena IGP, the speck IGP Senfter, the Tuscan salami. And then the Brut Franciacorta, a good Gutturnio and a craft beer.┬áThe right idea for an important gift to a true gourmet.

Cardboard box with visible brown wave and cardboard lid with PVC cardboard window

1-Low hand-wrapped Milanese Panettone Bonifanti 750 g
1-Extra dark 88% chocolate bar in box Baratti Milano 75 g
1-Fine milk chocolates and extra dark chocolate in box Baratti Milano 150 g
1-Bag of milk chocolate pralines stuffed with hazelnut cream and cereals Feletti Excellence 85 g
1-Very fine Sassello pastry in box La Sassellese 150 g
1-Soft Cremona nougat with almonds in box Vergani 75 g
1-Pastries filled with apricot “Gubeletti” in box Virginia 80 g
1-Jar of tuna fillets in olive oil ASdoMar 150 g
1-Pack of spelled soup, cereals and whole legumes Frantoio Bartolini 400 g
1-Pack of half-sleeves pasta of organic wholemeal semolina Frantoio Bartolini 500 g
1-Jar of anchovies rolled in Delicius olive oil 145 g
1-Pack of tarallini with extra virgin olive oil Bakery Cerchietti 100 g
1-Pack of dried porcini mushrooms extra Merlini 15 g
1-Pack of Lentils of Fortune 200 g
1-Bottle of extra virgin olive oil Umbria PDO Frantoio Bartolini 50 cl
1-Local Salametto Del Casale Grandi Salumifici Italiani 180 gr
1-Vacuum-packed Speck PGI Senfter 390 g
1- Pre-cooked PGI Cotechino in Casa Modena case 500 g
1-Coffee 100% Arabica in can Vergnano 1882 250 g
1-Bottle of brut Franciacorta sparkling wine Piero Catturich 75 cl
1-Bottle of amber beer Damned Terza Rima 50 cl
1-Bottle of gutturnio wine Villa Peyrano Oltrona Visconti 75 cl
1-Wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese minimum aged 36 months 200 g

Available for delivery in: Europe


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